Introducing the Simple Future of Vaping – Mistic 2.0 POD-MOD

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Mistic 2.0 is the world’s first closed-system sub-ohm vaping device. Mistic 2.0 provides ease of use and convenience for the full spectrum of vape users.

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What is Mistic 2.0 POD-MOD?

The Mistic 2.0 POD-MOD is a revolutionary vaping system that uses pre-filled pods in place of both of tanks and bottles of e juice.

Bringing together the best of both e cigs and mods, the Mistic 2.0 uses drop-in pods that work like e cig cartridges but with a much larger juice volume—a full 10mL. Changing flavors is super quick, and you never need to replace the coil!

Mistic 2.0 Pod Mod on the beach
Mistic 2.0 Pod Mods White and Black

Mistic 2.0 POD-MOD Specs

The Mistic 2.0’s powerful 1700mAh battery gives you a powerful vape every time. It has a fixed output of 30W and 0.25 ohms of resistance, giving you a thick, rich vapor.
The entire unit is only 4” tall, making it the same length as a Mistic e cig.


We’ve made the Mistic 2.0 as simple to use as possible:

  1. Remove the protective insert from the battery by squeezing the sides and pulling up.
  2. Remove the silicone air vent cover from the new POD.
  3. Slide the POD into the battery until you feel it click.
  4. Hold the power button for about 3 seconds until the lights come on.
  5. To vape, draw on the mouthpiece while holding the power button.


Mistic 2.0 kit Black with strawberry and tobacco pods

Mistic 2.0 Starter Kits

The Mistic 2.0 has many starter kit options such as a white battery kit with cherry and menthol pods, and a black battery kit with strawberry and tobacco pods. A USB charging cord is included with both kits. Since each kit costs the same as two PODs, it’s like you’re getting the battery and charger for free!

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Mistic 2.0 kit (white) with cherry and menthol pods