The Mistic Electronic Cigarette

The Mistic Electronic Cigarette

Mistic Electronic Cigarette Components

The Mistic Electronic Cigarette is comprised of two parts:

  • cartridge (inhaler, liquid container and vaporizer are built as one piece)
  • rechargeable battery with indicator light.

The Mistic eCig should be partially charged and ready to use.

Step 1 – Preparing the Mistic Cartridge for Use

The Mistic cartridge is a consumable product combining a vaporizer and cartridge into one unit. First, remove the silicone plugs from each end of the Mistic cartridge and dispose of properly.

Step 2 – Connect Battery to the Cartridge

Screw the battery clockwise onto the front of the cartridge.

Step 3 – Product Use

To begin using, draw on the Mistic eCig just as you would a tobacco-smoking product. When you draw, you will taste the flavoring. If you completely inhale, you will feel the vapor in your throat and will be less likely to see a vapor mist when you exhale. Inhaling to a lesser extent will allow more of the vapor mist to be visible on the exhale.

Step 4 – Charging the Batteries

Screw the battery clockwise onto the USB charger. Plug the USB charger into a compatible USB plug (auto, home, computer, etc). The battery can take up to 5 hours to fully charge. When the LED on the USB cord turns from red (charging) to green (fully charged), the battery is ready for use.