WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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26 User Reviews
"I love & prefer this product brand. Great quality and the level of customer service I received was superb!! "
Jason N. December 26, 2019
"I sent my order late on Tuesday night and received my cartridges on Thursday a day sooner than the estimated date I can't stress enough on how fast these folks get your order to you..like the title says..EXCELLENT SERVICE !!!!!"
Ricky Sutton September 18, 2019
"I received my order in 2 days plus my order was sent out the same day I ordered that is almost unheard of when ordering online I'll always check Magic Mist first when I need cartridges I'm so happy I found you on the internet.."
Rick Sutton September 11, 2019
"I find the Magic Mist to be a more consistant poduct than the brand Mistic cartridges. The Magic Mist taste is better as well. Magic Mist processes and ships very quickly and I have been very happy with the company"
Steven Cohen September 11, 2019
"The cartridges came just in time. They are a good match to the batteries and DO last longer than the mistics. They have all been fully charged an no duds in the batch. You can expect to receive more orders in the future."
Billy Lantis September 11, 2019
"Shopped around and found the lowest prices here. Good products for a lot less than other places."
Kristie September 11, 2019
"Better flavor and Better quality for the $ its been 2+ yrs without cigarettes. These have helped greatly."
Steven Cohen September 11, 2019
"I could not believe how much longer these lasted than the standard mistic cartridges. I can use about one per day. I ordered two more packs. Staff was very helpful."
Travis September 11, 2019
"I'm a long-time user of Mistic e cigs.
I ordered these compatible cartridges because Mistic was out of everything for some reason and there's nothing available in the brick market.
The flavor is the best (even better than Mistic).
But, I'm not impressed with the length of use.
I'll return to look for sales. So glad I tried these!"
Anonymous September 11, 2019
"57 year old. Ive been smoking for over 40 years. I prefer to use Mistic ecigs instead of smoking regular cigarettes. Much better flavor, no second hand smoke and doesn't stink up my house or car. I use them full time, meaning I don't use any other tobacco products. Im very happy with their products and prices. I haven't had any problems with ordering or delivery. I definitely recommend Mistic ecigs."
Theresa T September 11, 2019

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