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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Everyone wants a good deal whether it’s on a car or when buying vape juice, and one of the trends we’ve noticed is how bottles of e-liquid have gotten larger over time due to demand. And we’re answering the call!

One of the biggest benefits of buying 60 mL or even 120 mL bottles of vape juice is the cost savings – think about your favorite big box retailer that offers amazing deals on bulk purchases while also dishing up tasty food. It’s one of the few instances where more is actually less versus the old saying less is more. For example, buying one 60 mL bottle is always going to be cheaper than buying two 30 mL of the same juice.

In recognizing the trend and getting tons of requests from customers who love our vape juices and have been buying them for years, soon we’ll be selling 60 mL bottles, which is exciting! All of the classics in larger quantities and at better prices.

Lookout for more information shortly!