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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

As one of the early companies in the electronic cigarette space it has been exciting to see demand spike over time, including the number of smokers transitioning to e-cigs, and one question that often comes up is: What’s the best electronic cigarette?

Choosing the best of any product whether it’s an e-cig, phone charger, television, etc. is very subjective and many times you have to look at the product itself as well as other factors – customer service, pricing, and more – to make a real decision. And in the end, we all have our views on what’s best for us.

At Mistic, we’ve spent a lot of time engaging customers to learn about their wants/needs – essentially forming an understanding of what they feel makes the best e-cig – and realized customers crave variety not only in the flavors of e-juices (tobacco and menthol are most popular) but also in the look and feel of the e-cigs themselves, which is where our Black Edition was born.    

Our disposable and rechargeable Black Edition e-cigs are now for sale on our site, and will be available at local retailers in the coming months.