WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mistic Replacement E Cig Battery-White

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Product Description

This Mistic Replacement E-Cig Battery is a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery that fits all Mistic e-cig refill cartridges. Perfect for replacing an older battery or for making sure you always have a fully charged battery for hours of uninterrupted vaping. Available in white or in blue.

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This product works with our battery chargers as well as any Mistic e cig cartridge.

Reviews for Mistic Replacement E Cig Battery-White

  1. Patricia Adams

    I have bought lots of batteries very few of them have been no good, I have been satisfied with every thing that I have tried so far and would tell anyone to give them a try!

  2. susie kingston

    getting hard to find in stores!

  3. bobbie

    have used these batteries now for 3 years have never had any problems

  4. Gerald Weaver (verified owner)

    Can’t find batteries in any stores in Bullhead City, Az. In fact the mgr of Walgreens asked if I knew where he could get them.

  5. Michael

    I have used many E cig batteries and always have been satisfied with them.

  6. Michael

    Good product, E cig batteries have always lived up to expectations.

  7. jtoddtins (verified owner)

    great product good taste and great prices. 5 years ans still no traditional cigs..

  8. James Carey

    I have been using Mistic Products including the batteries for at least 5 years. I am very pleased with the products and the customer service. It has been a very good alternative to smoking. Thank you Mistic personnel and keep up the good work.

  9. Cynthia Fialkovich

    Batteries aren’t that great.

  10. Sandy63 (verified owner)

    Loving the huge improvements in quality and delivery! Thank you Mistic 🙂

  11. Anarda Stewart

    I have used E cig batteries for nearly four years and have had no problems at all. They are hard to find even in the stores that would normally sell them.

  12. Anarda Stewart

    I have used e-cig batteries for nearly four years and the only problem I’ve had is finding them. Even the stores that normally sell them are out.

  13. hairdo10

    VERY hard to find anywhere! Walmart never has everything I need. Not finding the batteries

  14. Bobbi Warrington

    I have used them since 2014 n have no problem with them . Just wish they where still white.

  15. mrmacaione (verified owner)

    I preferred the white ones that came with the original starter kits. The hole in this replacement E cig Battery is not as large as the originals and therefore you don’t get the same flow. I have to really drag on it to get the right feel……………….

  16. aerogirl68 (verified owner)

    I have been using Mistic E-Cigs for almost 2 years and have not smoked a regular cigarette since. They’re the only ones I’ve tried and actually liked. I’m glad I found the website, because I have to drive 45 minutes , just to get a new battery. So my first online order was for 10pack refills and a replacement battery. It was strange using a blue battery and white and green refill cartridge, but I guess there’s nothing I can do. The only real complaint, is that I have to charge the HAUS battery at least 3x more than the original white batteries sold in the beginners kits. I would still be smoking cigarettes, if it weren’t for Mistic!

  17. Maxine Mccoy (verified owner)

    Been on mistic e- cig now for three years and my husband has for four years. Don’t like the blue batteries wish you still had the white ones. Can I still order the white ones???

  18. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Have been really happy with Mistic, and haven’t had a traditional cig in 9 months. The only reason I have another brand that I use is because I don’t care for the blue battery. Tried one, and I had to draw much harder, and it messed with the feel and flavor. Thought maybe it was a fluke, and got a second blue battery only to find the same issue. If Mistic brought back the orginal white battery, I would never buy from anyone else.

  19. slikat62 (verified owner)

    Love mistic E-cig products. Can’t find them in the stores anymore. And it’s very convenient ordering on line.

  20. William Hamel (verified owner)

    Holds good charges for a long time.

  21. Gail Wix

    I’ve used Mistic E CIGARETTE’S for 5 years now. They work!

  22. Sue Lindsay

    They are the best!

  23. Carole Revelt

    Happy with batteries and need more.

  24. Carole Revelt

    Happy with batteries and need more.

  25. Maxine Sedlak (verified owner)


  26. Susan (verified owner)

    cant find any store that carries just the replacement battery.
    like the white ones 10-1 over the blue ones. have to drag really hard on the blue ones.

  27. Eunice Cohrs

    Can’t find batteries in stores!!!!

    • Kelsey Seabolt

      The batteries are only sold individually online. In stores, they are sold in Starter Kits.

  28. Linda Knisley (verified owner)

    You gotta love the price

  29. Barbara A Benton

    Better than any other e-cig I tried.

  30. me_lewis (verified owner)

    The white batteries are great. I did NOT like the switch to blue batteries. They did not work nearly as well. These are excellent.

  31. Iressa C Piercy

    I like it a lot. Wish you can buy battery in local stores.

  32. nixonfisher (verified owner)

    In the past I never had a problem with the batteries but with my last order I received defectives. Didn’t last a week.

  33. Suzanne Price (verified owner)

    I think Mistic Ecigs are wonderful! I was Able to stop smoking because of them

  34. tedcherrocks


  35. Marilyn W Stokley (verified owner)

    This is a good product, but I have to purchase them often because I keep misplacing them. I like to keep several on hand.

  36. janetkay1229

    Love it!

  37. Harry Boteler (verified owner)


  38. johnnconnie2006 (verified owner)

    It’s so hard to get the e cigs anymore. Why? When u try to order them they are always sold out.

  39. akeustace

    Best ones I am using after trying many different ones after Greensmoke went out of business.

  40. Martha Mitchell

    I bought the black and it hits even harder than the blue on my throat. I love the black!!

  41. vintageladyhd (verified owner)

    Finally found my MarkTen replacement! The battery is great! Good vape, short charging time and long lasting, this battery couldn’t be better for a regular type e-cigarette! Only got one to start to test our discounted MISTIC cartridges bought retail… didn’t really have much confidence that I would find a long searched for replacement for MarkTen, but this hit the MARK! SO glad I picked up the carts. Have at least one more battery on the way, thought I ordered 3; but email invoice only indicates one!,Used the one for a month now pretty well, so hopefully not an issue!
    Great Customer Service is a Huge Plus!!
    Thanks **MISTIC** : )

  42. vintageladyhd-6955

    Battery.the best out there since MarkTen discontinued their products.
    MarkTen former users, here’s your replacement! I do Menthol.. Reg Men=1.8%… Bold Menthol=2.4%
    Thanks MISTIC!!! : )

  43. Jodi Hoover (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed mistic cigs for 4 years.

  44. marlene collins (verified owner)

    great for flavor and everything else!

  45. vintageladyhd (verified owner)

    These batteries are pretty good.. Tho’ don’t last like the old MarkTen batteries, the best product I have found since that company went away.
    No need to look firther, MISTIC is my brand after months of searching for comparable to discontinued brand I started with E-Cigs and quit smoking reg cigs! So much better!
    One suggestion for marketing… why not offer a bundle of the e-cig batteries for say… $25?! Bet they would sell like hotcakes and actually boost your battery sales! I would buy a bundle probably every month or two to keep the best of the product integrity it’s best!
    Thanks MISTIC….

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