WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Tank

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The HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Tank

The HAUS replacement tank is specially designed to perfectly fit your HAUS Vape Pen. Perfect for when you need to replace your old tank. Or purchase a few extras for quickly changing of your favorite e juices flavors. 

Holds up to 2ml of your favorite vape juice.

HAUS by Mistic – taking your vaping experience to the next level!


Reviews for HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Tank

  1. Barbara A. Walsh

    The Haus PV Disposable Tank works great. I have been purchasing them for myself and family members for more than a year.

  2. Sarah Kvalheim (verified owner)

    These do not last very long at all, maybe a week, ten days at the most. They’re nice while they work, but not worth having to repeatedly purchase them.

  3. Jarrod Mitchell (verified owner)

    Most leak when brand new

  4. tony28110 (verified owner)

    These tanks have a very short life span. There should be an alternative

  5. Rob Mustaro

    These tanks work great. I wasn’t going to post a review but decided to based on the other reviews. I’ve only had one of these leak in the 30+ of these I’ve used. The only time they leak is when you bend them in your pocket.
    The time you get out of them does vary. On average I would say I get a week and a 1/2 out of each one.

  6. bhn (verified owner)

    I am new to vaping, having started in July, and after spending a small fortune at my local vapor store, I wasn’t happy with all the problems I was having with leakage, coils, charging etc. In desperate need of something I stopped at my local drugstore & spotted your Haus vapor pen & decided to try it. It was fantastic! I went back & bought another one & several replacable tanks. I have not had a single problem to date. I order my tanks from you, because its very convenient & I’m thrilled that I tried your product just by luck.

  7. Haus customer

    These do not last long at all. I have bought over 6 at a local retailer, at $10 a piece. They just stop working. It’s very frustrating and I would not recommend, if you don’t already have the batter/tank set up. I know there are other brands with longer lives. But I don’t know which are compatible with the haus vape pen battery. They do work great while they last though. I’ve never had them leak or have an issue beyond them dying within a couple weeks.

  8. kehuddl (verified owner)

    I wish they lasted a bit longer. They average about a week but that is still a lot less than buying cigarettes for a week.

  9. stamper1 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Haus tanks and juice for a couple of years. It’s true that once in awhile you get a tank that won’t work. Also true that they don’t last as long as we’d all hope. They last roughly 2 weeks. The coil is what has a lifespan and this is a disposable product. If you bought a tank from a vape shop, you’d eventually have to replace the coil. I like these tanks because they are easy to fill without spilling the juice everywhere, as compared to a couple of different tanks I did get from a vape shop.

  10. Ginger Shepard (verified owner)

    The top notch brand. After u have used them for a bit it doesn’t do this make sure you lay out the top on paper towels and you put it in right. This goes away. Be guarted, careful. It’s the brand I love and keep coming back to

  11. Ken (verified owner)

    The tanks definitely need a revamp. They leak after a few weeks in use.

  12. constance Y ORTIZ

    Why are your prices so outrageous the product e-cig cartridges are too expensive. I am sure many of your customers are very dissatisfied with the prices you are now charging overpriced. I’m sure like myself many customers are annoyed with always trying to find the codes to get a discount many have found they don’t work or they expired why don’t you just do away with codes since your prices are so high why bother torturing your customers.

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