What Is a Personal Vaporizer?

A vape pen or personal vaporizer (PV), is a high-performance alternative to disposable and rechargeable “cig-alike” electronic cigarettes.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about vape pens is that they look very different from cigarettes.

Though there are different designs, vape pens are generally made up of a battery, a metal tank cap or “coil head,” and a tank.

You hold down a button on the battery to turn on the coil, heating some of the e juice (also called e liquid) and turning it into a smooth, thick vapor. Then, all you need to do is inhale like you would with traditional cigarettes. It’s not smoke, it’s vapor – that’s why using one is called “vaping.”

E juice recipes vary from company to company, but our HAUS e juices contain flavoring, nicotine, propylene glycol, and water. The HAUS vape pen vaporizes e juice to create a pleasurable experience as satisfying as smoking at a fraction of the cost.

Once you start using personal vaporizers, you’ll realize that they’re extremely easy to use!

HAUS Personal Vaporizer

What Is a Personal Vaporizer for?

Smokers use electronic cigarettes and vape pens as alternatives to tobacco. They eliminate the smoke and smell of tobacco cigarettes, and they are cheaper, less wasteful, and more convenient than tobacco products.

Vape pens work very much like electronic cigarettes, but they offer better performance and are more customizable than e cigs. They’re also less wasteful, since you can refill the tank yourself rather than buying refill cartridges.

The HAUS Personal Vaporizer from Mistic

We believe that HAUS is the best personal vaporizer that is widely available, because its great battery life, durable stainless steel parts, and easy functionality lead to a fantastic vaping experience.

In addition to the HAUS Starter Kit, we offer replacement tanks, replacement batteries, and PV e juices like American Blend (tobacco), Cool Ice Blend (menthol), Java (coffee), Washington Red (cherry), and Apple to name a few.

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What Is a Personal Vaporizer?