How to Use HAUS Vape Pen


Haus Vape Pen Break Apart Instructions


Taking apart the HAUS PV battery and tank
REFILLING – STEP 1: Remove the clear tank by unscrewing it from the HAUS battery.

Filling the HAUS Vape Pen tank with e juice
REFILLING – STEP 2: Unscrew the metal tank cap and place the nose of the e juice bottle onto the wall of the tank and begin to fill slowly making sure that no liquid gets into the center tube. Once finished rescrew the tank cap back onto the tank.

Turning on the HAUS Vape Pen
REFILLING – STEP 3: Before your first use you must activate the unit by pressing the button 5 continuous times. Once you have activated the unit, hold the button down while inhaling, this will cause the button to light up and the unit to produce vapor.

HAUS PV Charging - unscrew e juice tank and battery
CHARGING – STEP 1: Unscrew the HAUS battery from the clear tank.

Attach HAUS Vape Pen battery to the supplied charger
CHARGING – STEP 2: Screw the HAUS battery into the USB charger.

Plug in the HAUS vape pen charger to a USB outlet
CHARGING – STEP 3: Insert the USB charger into any compatible USB port. Once the light has turned green your HAUS battery is fully charged.

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