HAUS Vape Pen Accessories & Replacement Parts

We conveniently offer the same high-quality components that originally came with your HAUS Personal Vaporizer Starter Kit as individual replacement parts at retail stores and in our online store, finding HAUS Vape Pen Accessories & Replacement Parts is easy. Whether you need to replace an old battery or want an extra tank for mixing your favorite e juice flavors, HAUS parts ensure that you are never without your vape.

HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Tank
HAUS Vape Pen Single Replacement Tanks

Easy to fill single tanks are available for when you want to quickly change (or mix) flavors.

HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Battery
HAUS Vape Pen Replacement Batteries

Retailing for $14.99, HAUS single rechargeable battery comes in a stylish royal blue with chrome accents. Powerful 650 milliamp lithium ion battery means you will be able to vape for long time even if you vape regularly.