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HAUS Craft Collection Vape Juice Bottles

HAUS Craft Collection vape juices are based on the most popular flavors in the US.

Cosmic Fog Premium Vape Juice Logo

Cosmic Fog Premium Vape Juice bottles

Cosmic Fog vape juices are designed to be the most fun, unique flavors in our vape juice line-up.

HAUS Premium Vape Juices

Here at HAUS, we’re all about creating the best vaping experience possible. We produce HAUS premium vape juice flavors using a few simple ingredients—and nothing unnecessary. All of our e juices (or e liquids) are made, filled, and packaged in the United States.

The HAUS Craft Collection and Cosmic Fog vape juices contain just 5 ingredients:

That’s it! Each HAUS vape juice comes in a child-proof, monster 30ml tamper-proof bottles (with droppers).

Cosmic Fog Vape Juice

Mistic/HAUS have partnered with Cosmic Fog Vapors to bring you their premium vape juices for your vape pen or mod. With 3mg of nicotine and a 30/70 PG/VG blend, Cosmic Fog e juices have the flavors that have made them famous... available conveniently in our online store.