HAUS Classic E Juice for personal vaporizers like vape pens and mods

HAUS Classic E Juice Flavors

With the HAUS Personal Vaporizer, it’s all about the best vaping experience… starting with the e juice. We produce our e juice for the HAUS Vape Pen and Vape Mod using a few simple ingredients—and nothing unnecessary. All of our e juices (or e liquids) are made, filled, and packaged in the United States, and contain nicotine. In all American-made HAUS classic e juice flavors, you’ll find only 4 ingredients:

That’s it! Each HAUS e juice comes in a child-proof, tamper-proof 10 mL bottle with a slow-drip tip for easy filling and costs just $7.99 – for the equivalent of about 2 cartons of cigarettes! Refillable HAUS tanks hold about 2 mL of e juice, and you can refill them or switch flavors whenever you want.

HAUS e juice is available at thousands of retailers, like Walmart, across the United States. Or simply click over to the online vape store and we will bring your vape juice to you!