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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Whether you’re a former smoker yourself or grew up around one, there’s a good chance you remember stepping into a car that totally wreaks of cigarette smoke and on top of that you see ashes everywhere. This is one of the many things cigarette smokers are constantly reminded of, but definitely do not miss.

Think back in time to business meetings, dates and all of the other scenarios where people were in your car – a moving ashtray – and you were either worried about others mentioning the smell or decided to bring up the topic proactively (aka admit you smoke cigarettes).

On the other hand, as we all can agree, commuting to work and traffic in general is never fun, and often stressful, so that leads to sparking up a cigarette but in recent times e-cigs have been taking over for a few reasons.

With electronic cigarettes there’s no ash/mess or bad smells to worry about, and that has been one of the driving factors behind the boom in e-cigs. The other major upside is the ease of use: Most cars today have USB charging ports to power e-cigs like our line of Mistic products.

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