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Mistic Warranty


Mistic WarrantyMistic Limited Warranty Details

Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes, the Mistic Warranty guarantees Mistic disposable electronic cigarettes, rechargeable batteries, cartridges, and chargers against defects in workmanship and materials if purchased directly from Mistic or an authorized Mistic dealer, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Contact Mistic Customer Service for detailed questions about what’s covered under the Mistic Warranty or to make a warranty claim.

Prior to making a claim, please read our Frequently Asked Questions carefully to rule out a few common scenarios that may be misconstrued as operational failure.

Should any part of your Mistic ecig product fail to operate satisfactorily, return to Mistic for full replacement to:

Mistic Electronic Cigarettes

10700 Sikes Place
Suite 120
Charlotte, NC 28277

Please pack the unit securely and obtain appropriate shipping insurance. Include a full description of the defect or particulars of the claim, along with your return address, telephone number, and legible proof of purchase. The place of purchase, manufacturer, or importer is not responsible for damage or loss incurred as a result of postal handling or damage caused during transit. Whenever possible, send only the component in question, not the Mistic Starter Kit as a whole.

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